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Frames, Ornaments, paintings and collectibles

The Bottega d’Arte, with years of experience in its field, also stands out for the artistic side of its service, offering its clientele a vast range of antique and modern mirrors and frames in various styles and formats. New products are made entirely by hand, using the original and traditional techniques of gouache gilding and enamelling to obtain a variety of effects: antiqued, decapè, marbled…

Come to us for minor restorations and interior decorating consultations. In fact, Valeria is specialised in decorating walls, having successfully dedicated her career and flair for aesthetics to hotels and restaurants, as well as private homes. For a room to be aesthetically and culturally comfortable and pleasant, the right balance between antique and modern must be found. In addition to dealing in antiques and various types of original etchings that date from the XVI to the XIX centuries (geographic, historic, mythological, sacred, and decorative), the Bottega d’Arte also offers a selection of precious complements like mirrors, wood friezes, glassware, ceramics, silver, and paintings.